Private Room in safe house with women & Ukrainian girls

Name and surname Cassy
Company name Singularity Group
Added 2022-07-26 20:25:57


Forst (Lausitz)

Specific details

Property type house, Guesthouse, hotel / hostel
Type of accommodation Room, Exclusive
Number of rooms 1
How many adults 1
How many children 0
Starting when 2022-07-27
For how long month , A few months
Facilities exclusive bathroom, balcony / garden
Animals accepted No


We have a new room available in my safe home, where 6 Ukrainian women are staying already. This is an English speaking house, hosted by 26 year old woman. Testimonials from Ukrainians, details & pictures on Host4Ukraine: https://host4ukraine.com/u/628a1a84-e045-4c39-9e1f-f0716df6b04b

You will get a private room, fully furnished & with internet access. Space for 1 woman and suited for work, remote study or learning new skills.

The accommodation & food are free. But no smoking & no pets. This is a safe house with young charity volunteers, where you can be welcome and stay for long time.

The accommodation is in Forst (Lausitz), Germany. The capital Berlin can be reached with train. All information about room & food here: https://host4ukraine.com/l/private-room-in-safe-house-with-women-ukrainian-girls/62d5be94-2fef-47a2-ba1e-a588b59d0bb4

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