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US Sponsor Looking For A Trustworthy Ukrainian Refugee

Name and surname Michael Karp
Added 2022-07-17 16:12:26


United States of America

Specific details

Property type apartment
Type of accommodation Bed in a shared room
Number of rooms 1
How many adults 1
How many children 0
Starting when 2022-08-30
For how long A few months
Facilities balcony / garden
Animals accepted No


I'm a single father living in Colorado. I'm looking for one Ukrainian refugee older woman preferably (not for dating) but to join my son and I to live in a peaceful environment. If youre interested please PM me. I have already sponsored one woman from Ukraine who had cancer and I was able to connect her with a doctor and medications now she is back with her family.
I have read from certain Ukrainian groups and individuals who automatically assume the worst and immediately judge not to trust most men because they are all trying to take advantage of the refugee however trust goes both ways and that's why the sponsor and the refugee should engage in conversation especially about their expectations from each other instead of rushing blindly. The main point that I'm making is that I believe there are some men including myself and women that can be trusted and would become a good fit if they both take out the time to establish trust.

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