Support our initiative

Hi, I am Olek, I created this website with specialists to help people connect each others. We have helped hundreds of families fleeing the War in Ukraine to find safe accommodation. I want to work on this website every day, I want other specialist to work also. Without donors, it will be hard. A lot of people helped me, and I am very grateful to them - Thanks

Now we need to grow every day, to create together a great hub and I hope a community for life. We must help somehow our governments in these hard time. I understand not every project can run fast, that's why We, the Citizens, have to help. 

What we have to do next:

- develop every day the platform (verification system, subpages, more websites - transport, help for animals) 
- find more good resources, write articles about initiatives helping Ukrainians
- create a check-in point in Cracow and Warsaw with help of volunteers on the ground

So if you would like to support our initiative, please do not hesitate to submit your proposal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.